Brett International Sports

Copy of Balls


Brett Brothers is now the official baseball for the Australian Baseball League and the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association . 

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Brett Bros. Official Baseballs HF-850 

These balls are A-Grade with a Cowhide Leather cover. They have a red cushioned cork center and a 3 part, grey/white/grey, wool yarn winding. They also feature red stitching, and they are 9" and weigh 5oz. 

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Brett Official Baseballs HF-350

This NFHS approved baseball has raised seams, and the exterior is premium grade full grain leather, with a three part wool winding cushioned cork center. It is legal for High School and College Baseball. 

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Brett Practice Baseballs and Bucket

Brett Brothers HF-260 is a heavy-duty six gallon bucket with a padded seat. The balls have a synthetic cover for durability, and double-stitched seams; the center is solid cork and rubber. Balls are official size and weight.